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Who we are

HaHu Books is a partnership of Ethiopian writers and educationalists. It began in 2000 in London, UK and functions only on the web site. Its aim was and still is to publish and also to provide good quality children’s educational materials in Amharic and at times bilingual. HaHu Books also promotes writers for Ethiopian children and about Ethiopian children by publicising and reviewing their works in the web site.

The idea occurred to us due to the increasing number of refugee children who are growing up in the UK and did not have access to their mother tongue. Our concern was fuelled by witnessing a dividing gap being developed between parents
who did not speak English and their children who spoke only English. HaHu Books was born out of this insight and a passion for promoting learning in Amaharic with an initial support from the Scarman Trust in 2002.

About Our Name

HaHu is the popular name for the Amharic alphabet and is composed of the first two syllables of the main table of the Amharic alphabet. Also HaHu, rather like the use of the ‘ABC’ in English language, means a mere beginning, the starting point of a journey, or the process of learning. In the same spirit, HaHu Books captures our commitment to basic education, whilst symbolising our humble beginnings.

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On-going projects

HaHu Books is also pleased to announce the publication of a bilingual book, Tewodros II of Abyssinia, by Hirit Belai. The historical novel is suitable for children of 8-15 age group. It is a well written enjoyable read with English text on one side, and an Amharic translation on the reverse. Furnished with illustrations it introduces children to the history of Emperor Tewodros, a contemporary of Queen Victoria. He was a formidable character, and a trail-blazer for the process of reunification, expansion and modernisation of Ethiopia. Adult language learners may also find the material useful for their studies. For further information and to order the book please click here.

HaHu Books have also been providing Book Reviews on recently published books for/about Ethiopian children. Some of these book are bilingual, written in Amharic and English, while others are monolingual in one of these languages. The reviews cover books published both in Ethiopia and abroad. Some of the Amharic reviews were published in Bukaya issues. These and many more reviews are hosted on this website along with English reviews. Our hope is that this becomes a useful guide to books on and/or for Ethiopian children. It can also serve as a valuable resource page to parents, guardians and educators.

In the past HaHu Books' principal project was Bukaya, a family magazine with various educational games for Amharic speaking children and their parents. It was available by subscription from HaHu Books, and from some Ethiopian shops in London. The issues of the magazine, 16 in all, are sold out. The materials were used at home as well as in community schools running Amharic language classes. Consequently, there is a continuing demand for the issues. In order to meet this demand HaHu Books has a plan to publish all the issues in a book. So stay tuned, or let us know your name and email address so that we can inform you as soon as the work is published.