Educational Magazine for Children and Families in Amharic

Bukaya is an educational magazine for Amharic speaking children and their families. It is designed, written, edited and produced by HaHu Books. Bukaya combines games, puzzles, stories, nursery rhymes and the Amharic alphabet. This is to encourage not only learning but also cultivating a culture of reading and writing in Amharic among Ethiopian children as well as none Ethiopian adults who wish to improve their Amharic.
The magazine aims:
- To provide educational support to enable parents, guardians, educators, and refugee communities who work with children.

- To encourage families to spend quality time together while reading the stories, playing the games and singing children rhymes.

- To motivate children to have a greater understanding of the cultural and social values of their country of origin.

- To facilitate the exchange of experiences among Ethiopian children in the Diaspora.

Tradition and Culture - Legend of Buhe (from No. 1)
Wordsearch (from No. 3)
Crosswords (from No. 4)
Nursery Song - Landiro (from No. 5)
Correlation (from No. 6)
Word-2-Picture Matching (from No. 7)
Folk-tales - Siljo (from No. 7)
Crosswise Words (from No. 9)

Two volumes of Bukaya Educational Magazine for Families and Children – a total of 16- have been produced to date and distributed by HaHu Books.

Very few copies of the 2nd volume is available.

Contact us for further information at editors@hahubooks.co.uk

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